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Peter Sarsgaard has confirmed his involvement with the remake of the classic 1960 movie The Magnificent Seven, but it was been rumored that Jason Momoa, who was cast to play one of the villains henchmen, has dropped out of the production.

The movie, which stars Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke and Vincent D'Onofrio is a remake, of a remake of The Seven Samurai.

Magnificent Seven Original Cast
Magnificent Seven Original Cast

Known for his villianous roles in movies such as Green Lantern and Lovelace Sarsgaard will be a welcome addition to the cast.

Apparently Momoa decided to leave the movie because his character didn't have enough to do, which is understandable, it means he can pursue parts that he feels passionate about, like series The Red Road.

The movie also stays Byung-hun Lee, Luke Grimes, Haley Bennett and Matt Bomer and will be directed by Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer, Training Day)

The movie will be let out the stables January 2017.

Check out the trailer for the original movie!


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