Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark tells the tale of the dark spark, an ancient relic that can destroy all, The race to get to this relic for the Deceptacons begins as does the race to stop the Deceptagons from retrieving the Dark Spark begins for the Autobots.

The game plays in third person which I thought was great as you get to see the glorious details on each character.

Visually, I thought Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark looked fantastic on the PlayStation 4. Textures were sharp and shiny and the amount of detail included surpassed my expectations greatly. This is a fantastic looking game without a doubt!

The controls are also easy to master with an opening tutorial level, explaining the details. It plays much like the average third person shooter should. The game mixes things up a bit to ensure that you don't just play as one faction too, this works nicely, although sometimes you are left wondering whether you are playing as the Autobots or Deceptacons. This is down to lack of indication other than the small symbols they bear on their armor.

Throughout the levels you will get to play as various Transformers each with the ability to (yeah you've guessed it) transform. These transformations aren't the most awe inspiring, but they still look fantastic. You also get that thrill watching the transformation into a car or a jet seamlessly happen. The vehicles that they transform into being ultimately combat vehicles are extremely maneuverable, fast and pack a hell of a punch in the weaponry department. I absolutely loved racing through sections of levels with the ability of causing carnage to every enemy in my way.

Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark features a multitude of weapons, each with their own abilities and upgrades. These upgrades are simply unlocked by playing the game and leveling up. Each time you climb a level you get a gear box, these are similar to battle packs on the Battlefield games. They contain various items, upgrades, boosts and characters that you can use online.

These boosts and upgrades can be applied at various places dotted around the levels. Some of these perks only have a one time use and are mapped to the D-Pad conveniently.

Each level plays out roughly the same in that you must defeat all the enemies in an area to proceed, this could get boring but luckily the developers have implemented an array of enemies to ensure that each time you fight the experience is different. Each chapter looks fantastic and I found that the further I got into the game, the better the chapters looked.

Destroying enemies was satisfying and experimenting with weapons and their respective upgrades are a must.

The HUD is also easily read so for those new to the gaming side of Transformers, you should have no trouble distinguishing between the health and shield bars.

One thing I did find frustrating throughout the campaign was the difficulty level, now you can change this between easy, medium and hard, but even on easy I seemed to lose my shield and health almost in an instant at times.

Apart from the single player campaign, there is also a neat multiplayer mode called Escalation in which you can use the characters unlocked through gear boxes that I mentioned above. You and 3 other players team up and can fight 15 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. I found this really entertaining and well worth playing as you could again experiment with the different characters available.

On the character setup side you can pick which character you would like to use online for the Deceptacons and the Autobots. You can then pick their weapons, tech, abilities and hacks to take with you online. Each character has various different skins available too, I especially liked the classic Optimus Prime skin as it looked more like the original cartoon character.

For the completionists out there, there are audio logs to unlock, challenges to complete and Leaderboards to climb!

Overall, I think Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark is a brilliant game which I am sure fans of the series will love, with its interesting intertwining campaign and its solid multiplayer experience what more do you need. Sure, there are improvements that can be made such as the difficulty spike not being so great, but hopefully these will be added in a future installment. For now though this is the best Transformers game to date and you should certainly pick it up!


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