Tour De France 2014 will surely appeal to a cycling enthusiast, but probably won't appeal to the average gamer.

It is a game that requires skill, and a hell of a lot of patience. First off, the game has the most confusing menus ever that offer a ton of mumbo jumbo. The game is really good at not explaining itself well, unless you actually watch the Tour De France.

Visually Tour De France 2014 looks good, not great, but good. The colors are vivid, character models look awesome and the surroundings don't look that bad. The only gripe I had with the game was the cows that are spread about being that they are static models with no sound effects at all. If they were going for realism you would have thought that the developers would include such miniscule details.

The large amount of cyclists that are present on screen is phenomenal, all detailed and distinct from the other. All have their own disadvantages and advantages when it comes to the various terrain types. My cyclist in particular was great at cycling up an incline, but not so good on the flat. These different abilities were all greatly visible, you could clearly see when a cyclist was struggling to keep up.

The game plays like your average racer to an extent, Using the same button mapping to accelerate, decelerate, break etc. This works really well as it clears the rest of the buttons up for other implementations. On the control side its relatively easy to get used to. After getting through the menus I pretty much knew what I was doing.

Now on the patience side of things, Tour De France 2014 features extremely long races that last over an hour each, these can end up really dull and boring, especially if you are playing on your own. There is an autopilot switch that can be used in these instances which is nice, most of you will certainly use this function at some point as I did.

Tour De France also features solid sound effects, some like the crowd cheering can become repetitive, but others, such as your cyclist running out of breath and puffing as you cycle up hill only add to the realism.

You can play VS a friend via split screen which I thought was great, a feature that is sometimes missing from recent games. I actually enjoyed this most as cycling like hell while balancing your stamina in a way that gives you an advantage against your split screen opponent is always fun and definitely engaging. To my dismay unfortunately, there are no online capabilities.

Sadly though the game fell short initially due to its bad capability of teaching you how to play and crucially, what things meant whilst playing, once you get past that initial wall though, the game offers a pleasing and somewhat satisfying experience.

Tour De France may not be on your radar at all when it comes to choosing a game, but that does not mean at all that it doesn't offer a solid experience. For all you Tour De France lovers out there it is definitely the game to get.


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