Titanfall was one of the biggest releases last year, debuting on Xbox one first and now ported over to the Xbox 360.

The game received over 75 awards as well as proclaiming to be “A brave new vision of multiplayer” now let us not forget Brink. My time spent with the Xbox one version was minimal, however, i did get to appreciate the awesome visuals as well as the frantic but extremely fun game play.

The game itself is online only so you will need a gold subscription to play it.

The game follows two groups, the Militia, and the IMC, both have separate campaigns which can be played through. The campaigns are relatively short lasting around 4-5 hours each.

Titanfall consists of each team of between 6-12 players trying to complete objectives on a derelict and war-torn planet while overlaying the single player elements.

Other than the campaign, there is a classic mode, which is a list of various re named game modes like team death match, last man standing and conquest etc. These modes are all great fun, but my personal favorite is capture the flag.

The game will require a 1GB initial install in order to optimize streaming of the HD textures.

I have, however, spent most of my time with the Xbox 360 version and you first and foremost are probably wondering how it holds up to its obese brother.

Well to start off with the visuals have certainly taken a beating especially on the environment side of things, also some textures are blurry, there are less details and I encountered my fair share of screen tearing.

Despite this the game still plays great, battles feel frantic and explosive whether you’re on foot, tearing through enemy pilots and smashing titans cores or in a titan obliterating every enemy in sight also hearing the words “your titan is ready” only adds greatness to the adrenaline fuelled mind destroying action.

As you progress you will reach higher levels, giving you access to different weapons skills and abilities. Similarly to call of duty you are able to customize your pilots load out to suit your personal play style.

Are you a female gamer, if you are, you will be pleased to know you can change gender too.

You can also customize load outs of the titans, want a titan that’s agile or do you want a titan that is built like a brick sh*# house, you can have either. Beating the campaigns will unlock extra titans.

There are also burn cards, they are a perk type system in which once you die you can activate but these cards can only be used once, don’t worry in order to gain more you just have to kick ass.

The game audio on the Xbox 360 is still superb, each round you fire will echo through buildings and each bullet will thud as it tears through enemy pilots flesh.

The controls are really precise and nicely tuned on the default setting, but you can customize the sensitivity if you want. Titanfall Xbox 360 will set you back around £41.99 at various UK retailers or $59.99 at US retailers and for that you’re getting a reasonable package providing you have a gold membership.

Overall the game is truly really fun to play and certainly has been ported over to the Xbox 360 really well, but if you have an Xbox one I would recommend getting it on that just for the visual improvements.


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