The witch and the hundred knight is an interesting game, a PlayStation exclusive that was released last year in japan but finally made it into Europe in 2014.

It’s an action RPG with deeper RPG elements that follows the story of the hundred knight a magical being brought to life by a swamp witch Metallia. Your tasks stretch from making magical pillars bloom, which are big plants that once bloomed will provide you a checkpoint as well as acting as a point you can fast travel to and from to the ultimate task taking down your rival the forest witch Malia.

The game is basically a hack-n’-slash played from a top-down isometric view with deeper than average RPG elements. Unfortunately the game isn’t a true open world, it’s played in stages which you are allowed to return to in order to find more paths, treasure chests etc. These stages are also timed so if you haven’t completed the task before the timer has reached zero you will be teleported back to Metallia,s swamp losing all your items in the process.

The game plays really well despite the awkward camera angles, I only encountered a handful of times where the camera angle posed a real problem. Slashing through enemies seemed fun at first, but ended up being tiresome shortly after forcing me to regularly turn it off and play something else.

The RPG elements work well, I especially enjoy the fact you can equip up to five weapons to use simultaneously during a combo attack, a tutorial stage is there to advise you on what is what but not everything is explained. A prime example is the point attribute menu where you can add points to your health, attack stats etc., but these points you seem to get at random, even after 2 hours of playing i only had 3 points to spend.

The visuals are slightly lacking with blurry textures being the most prominent issue here. Everything else looks decent, the colors are vivid and the art style is pretty unique.

Game text for me was also a problem as many words seemed extremely inappropriate and forced with the swamp witch swearing in almost every sentence. I understand she had serious issues with the forest witch, but there is no need for her to call her a B*##* every time she spoke about her.

The witch and the hundred knight certainly doesn’t rank highly amongst my action RPG list, although it is a solid experience it certainly isn’t a memorable one. Characters are stale and karma only seems to affect shop prices. As RPGs come i would say this is mediocre, the equipment systems are great, however every other system is a pointless extra that i rarely used.

If you’re looking for a great action RPG to put hours into them I would give this a pass, but if you want an action RPG to keep you going until the next big thing then buy this game and give it a go.


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