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Television is considered a staple of modern culture. Throughout the years, we've enjoyed countless entertaining television shows, films, and etc.

But with the world always changing, and technology adapting to the times, and updating itself constantly to appeal to us, it's time that we finally acknowledged that the "television" is no longer just that medium to large sized object you keep in your living room.

Nowadays, you'll find that there are many alternative ways of watching television. There's the laptop, the smartphone, the tablet, and basically anything else with a screen on it, that you can access at home, at work, etc.

We use these devices, along with media apps like Netflix, Hulu and HBO to keep up with our favorite television programs. In fact, most TV viewers nowadays prefer to stream the episodes on these apps (or any other) than watch it on a television at its scheduled airing time.

We love the feeling of being able to decide what to watch, how to watch, and when to watch it. While I'll never ditch my TV, I can agree that in this day and age, the standard television isn't the most popular method of viewing anything.

And even when we do sit down in front of our TV's, we usually use smart TV apps or consoles to switch over to any of the media apps we prefer. So since this is how viewing programs is going to be from now on (or at least for a long while), I think it's time that awards shows acknowledged it.

HBO already gets a lot of awards, and Netflix, Amazon and Hulu originals have started to get noticed during awards season as well. But there's one media app that still comes up short; YouTube.

YouTube has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Aspiring filmmakers are turning to YT to publish and promote their amazing series and short films. With YouTube focusing on filmmaking more than anything nowadays, I think it's high time some YouTube web series got noticed.

There are some amazing YouTubers out there, and they produce amazing content. Whether or not that content is awards worthy is entirely up to the viewer; to me, it absolutely is. Not all of it of course, but you'd be surprised at how many stunning YouTube web series' there are out there.

Don't believe me? Watch the video below to see my nominees for an award I made up, one that I hope becomes a real thing one day; 'Best YouTube Web Series'!

[Sorry for my horrible quality, it'll get better when I have better equipment. At least I hope it will...]

If you liked any of the web series in this video, I urge you to check them out! They're so amazing!

Which web series do you hope gets more recognition in the future? Tell me in the comments!

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