Strike Suit Zero was originally received fairly well by most the first time round, however, now that it has been ported to PlayStation 4 is it really any different.

The simple answer is no, nothing has been improved at all.

The story is still lacking depth and is overly dull and boring.

Strike Suit Zero for me is a big let down, the countless times i tried to get into that shoddy story with no amount of success.

The gameplay i found to be solid along with the precise controls, but beyond that i really didn’t feel i was sinking my teeth into a mighty space sandwich, instead i was sinking them into something with the mere thickness of a sheet of paper and it was glum.

I hated the fact my space ships function the strike suit still had no real awesomeness attached to it. The strike suit is dull in color, doesn’t look cool at all.

I actually preferred not to morph into the strike suit.

The audio is at first, awesome, but after a few hours i found myself muting my TV as it just got overly repetitive and thus boring.

On a plus though the visuals are stunning, flying through space seeing asteroids and planets around you is just great.

The amount of unlockables there are also sweeten the wormhole a little more.

The cockpit view is visually good and

Combat is also fun an engaging, providing you don’t go into strike suit mode.

Unfortunately, though this game was just disappointing, maybe i was hoping it would be more like war thunder in space, but with a cool morphing ability chucked in, maybe, but in fact i wasn’t i was looking for a solid fun space war experience with a deep and thrilling story but i only got half of that.

Overall Strike Suit Zero is only half a package, however if you’re not too much into a deep, thrilling storyline, then this visually stunning space shooter will be right up your solar system.


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