Steamworld dig is an odd game, it takes ideas from various games but with those ideas it creates something truly unique.

The game starts off with you a steambot arriving at an old mining town, from there you end up taking on a mine and digging your way below in search for treasures and upgrades. Your journey however is perilous with many different enemies and rocks that will fall on you if you don’t carve a path around them.

The games story is rather vague but where it shines most is in its unique art style and interesting game mechanics. Its super fun to play, mining for gems to upgrade your town above as well as finding super cool upgrades, its super addictive. It does take some time to get into the game but once you’ve played around 15 minutes or so everything becomes a breeze.

The game certainly isn’t forgiving though, die and you’ll lose what you’ve collected you will even have to pay a repair fee, there is a possibility to get your items back if you remember where you lost them though which is nice. Also i forgot to mention each worlds mine is randomly generated so each play through will be different adding little reason to replay the game.

The controls for Steamworld dig are also superb although on the PlayStation vita i found myself teleporting to and fro simultaneously due to the analogue sticks being really sensitive. Steamworld dig looks great on both Vita and PS4 and runs with no technical hitches at all.

Overall Steamworld dig is like a breath of fresh air, a moment away from the mainstream titles that offers compelling and addictive game play, it will keep you going for hours as you explore the various underground environments in your quest to unearth the ancients below. Its just a shame there is no online or local co-operative mode as that for me would certainly have been a welcomed feature (who doesn’t want to mine with there buddies) it does get quite lonely mining by yourself.

At a little over £7 for a cross-play title (you get it on both systems for that price) id certainly recommend you purchase this game.


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