Sparkle 2 is brought to you on PlayStation 4 and Vita from 10tons LTD. It is a game very much like Luxor and Zuma in the sense that you have to clear all the colored marbles from the screen as they edge closer to a hole that you do not want them in.

In clearing marbles set by set you will attain power ups or perks that will give numerous abilities to remove the marbles. There is also a sort of story involved, however, it is uninteresting and quite easy to ignore.

If you purchase this game, it will be for the fun, addictive gameplay that comes with it. Its' a colorful, beautiful game that certainly deserves credit, even if it has been somewhat copied from elsewhere. The visuals are great, the game sounds great and most importantly the controls work really well.

Sparkle 2 takes advantage of the Dualshock touch pad giving you a more precise shot!

Overall i think Sparke 2 is a solid game and although there isn't too much that can be said for it, it is certainly worth purchasing.


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