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Colton Haynes heading back to Teen Wolf

The anticipated ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 will premiere on June 29 with lots of new characters and old faces. The series latest addition is the actor Michael who is said to be playing a new love interest of Mason. Another actor who will reprise his role is Colton Haynes, who just left the CW’s superhero series ‘Arrow’.

The long wait is about to be over, as the anticipated ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 will be debuting on June 29. Even before that, news and spoilers regarding the show’s cast members and plot details were already discussed in the internet. Many of its cast members are not shy to give fans something they can glean from.

In fact, we all knew that ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 has added new characters. This, perhaps, is a great move after major cast member Tyler Hoechlin left the show for a film. Latest news about the upcoming series revealed that the upcoming season has just added new member. He is Michael Johnston, a young aspiring actor who seemed to be fond of dubbing voices for video games, such as Dust: An Elysian Tail and Bee Wars in 2012. He also part of the voices of TV series ‘TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise’.

Perhaps, ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 is the acting debut for this young lad. According to reports, he will be playing a character that will end up as Mason’s love interest. He is the second gay character added after Lucas. His character name is Corey and he will be seen in Episode 4, 7 to 10.

Meanwhile, the character we have known as a villain who turned into a werewolf is coming back. Colton Haynes reprises his role as Kanima in ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5. He has just left the CW’s superhero series ‘Arrow’, whom he played as Roy Harper or Arsenal.

"Colton Haynes will be seen as a regular in the second part of season 5, in the first part he will be seen in 4 to 6 episodes"

All Rumors But it was on a Teen Wolf page so, let's hope. Also Daniel Sharman can Return for some episodes.


What do you wan't to see of Colton?


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