Proximity Sky Dive for Xbox live arcade is as you’ve probably guessed a sky diving game.

That is pretty much all you can expect from it.

The game works really well looks great and plays fluidly and certainly kept me entertained for a few hours.

There is a few different game modes on offer here you’ve got:

• Freestyle where you choose the time of day, weather effects etc and see how long you can fly for as well as doing stunts to gain points.

• Challenge which entails you having to reach the end as quick as possible allot like a time trial mode.

• Adrenaline race which gives you a really challenging race against the A.i.

Also included is a character roster, each characters have better or worse stats which come in 3 types weight, maneuverability and speed which do certainly make a noticeable difference when switching between them after using one character for longer periods.

The game is also kinect compatible which sounds really cool but unfortunately i did not have access to a kinect whilst making this review.

you may also compete for higher scores via a leader board which is kind of fun but unfortunately no online mode (which would have been preferred) is included.

As i said before though the environments look great and the sound effects are superb considering its only an xbla title, but i do believe the game will only appeal to certain gamers.

Proximity sky dive also in the time that ive been playing with it runs as smooth as a whistle i can report that there were no bugs, crashes, screen tearing

or game breaking occurrences.

you may be wondering should i purchase this game , well its just under £6 and i would say certainly worth purchasing if your into that sort of thing.

That being said once you’ve finished everything in the game unless you want to keep upping your scores there’s no real reason to go back to it

if only an online mode was included, overall though a solid game in a niche that has up until now been almost non existent.


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