Puddle is a physics game that has been around a while now on various platforms, however it has just made its way to the PlayStation 4 with great results. For those of you that don't know about this game, basically you have to transport liquid through a kind of obstacle course and keep as much of it as possible, there are so many dangers and different type of liquids too. To break up the momentum there are even a few levels that don't involve liquid at all!

The controls are still easy to master with one trigger tilting the right of the screen and the other trigger to tilt the left, the rest is up to physics!

The game's visuals are still great and you will certainly notice the difference if you have played the game on another console, they just look a lot more vivid and sharper. It truly is a great game to play and there are quite a few levels to make your way through, you can even customize the home screen with your own liquid contraption.

The audio is also quite good and doesn't become overly repetitive, even after longer play sessions. Puddle has quite a lot on offer here with multiple levels a slick UI and easy controls what more do you need.

With all that said though the game may not appeal to all gamers as its more like a mobile game, very casual and simple yet addictive as hell. I certainly look forward to seeing more from these developers.

Overall Puddle is a solid experience and although not much can be said for it as it has been around for a while on other platforms, what can be said is mainly positive. So if you are looking for a casual but addictive game on the PlayStation for that is cheap to purchase and easy to play than this game will surely quench your thirst!


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