PS Vita Pets is ultimately a game that seems a lot like an offshoot of Nintendogs. The game consists of you choosing a dog and taking care of it as best as you can. The game is visually impressive to say the least, i think they have used up all of the Vitas power on this one. Beyond the visuals, however, I was slightly disappointed with PS Vita Pets as it all seems to be kind of slow. Once you have your dog you will want to hop right into the adventures, but unfortunately you can't, you must train your dog and do all of the mundane tasks first.

It does pay off though, as once you have done the jobs required you can for example, take your dog for a nice walk in the forest, this was also a problem for me as the forest looks fantastic but getting around it is again extremely slow. I'm not sure whether the developers did this on purpose so that you actually take in the scale of beauty and effort they have put into the environments or whether they just thought it was an adequate pace for walking.

Either way it is way too slow and considering this game's target audience is likely to be children, kids do get bored when fun stuff doesn't happen quickly. Other than that issue, though PS Vita pets is a great example of what the Vita can do when pushed. The animation is great, visually its superb and game play wise it is pretty solid.

The dog you have adopted talks to you and pretty much tells you what he or she wants and there are a lot of activities you can do with your new virtual pet, you can take it for walks, play fetch, play tug of war, dig up treasures and even wash him/ her down afterwards. You can even take him on mini quests which are probably the best parts of the game.

These mini quests vary from mine cart rides to searching through the ruins, each unique and each with their own back story. Other than that though PS Vita Pets is all it is, a pet SIM with a twist, sure it is cool and it will certainly appeal greatly to the younger gaming audience but i feel more could have been done. For example, there is a shop in which you can buy various items for your dog, but it is implemented into the games TV, why not implement a street of shops where you can walk your dog. Also, there is no multi-player so you will be playing alone through the whole game and not once meet another dog.

The last annoyance i had with this title is the opening scene which is a whole 22 seconds long, you are forced to watch every time you boot the game up, that's right you cannot skip it even if you are continuing a saved game!

Overall, I would say PS Vita Pets is a visual achievement for the handheld and it is certainly worth playing if you have a Vita as it can be fun at times, kids will love it if they can get past how slow the game plays out, in fact I'm sure I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it was a little quicker to get into things.


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