Origami Kami is a beautiful work of art. It is level based much like a lot of mobile games and will give you a rating of up to 3 stars per level. The game starts you off by giving you a miniature story of how a young girl had to make a thousand paper cranes in order to be granted a wish, a dark spirit then comes along and scatters them into the water.

Your job is to use the touch screen and guide a paper boat to collect all the paper cranes using the water ripples. Each paper crane is different in color and the color determines how many points you will receive for collecting that particular paper crane.

Origami gives you 25 levels of beauty, each more difficult as the last. Plenty of obstacles like whirlpools and rapids will ruin your paper boat causing you to restart the level. You can also get different colored paper boats too!

The game is visually gorgeous for a mobile game and the level design is great, the audio again is really neat, giving that Japanese feel. It truly is unique and it's also quite relaxing to play.

The game is based on a sad but true story about a young girl that sadly died at the age of twelve.

Origami Kami is an awesome mobile game created by a team of graduates, it looks and sounds great and should certainly make its way onto your must buy list.

It will set you back a mere 99p and for that you get a heart filled game that oozes personality and creativity.


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