To be completely honest Nascar brings a fresh perspective of racing to me, I'm used to the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo however I had never tried a Nascar game. Nascar 14 starts you out by giving you a stock car from one of 3 manufacturers and then pushes you onto the race track. At first you will be kind of confused, especially if you are British like me.

The game does explain itself and runs you through the paces. You'll soon be comfortable with how the car feels, how it performs and most importantly, how it wears down over the race.

The visuals are truly great, they are detailed, vivid and overall nicely polished. Car's look great outside and inside, the track itself looks good too, the way the sun shines off of the tarmac is breathtaking at times. The most important thing for me though, the fan stands also look really well done, no longer do the crowds look as static.

The audio is also on par with most racing games to date offering a balance between the sound and speed of the stock car. What the game did best though, was throw in a huge amount of options that streamlines each and every person's experience.

Not only does the game offer visual changes for your stock car, it also offers a massive amount of options at the start of each race. When you first start up the game you have control over your name, age, vehicle number and your group. Once you get into the nitty gritty stuff you can change things like the difficulty with a percentage slider, you can change the practice time, race length, tyre wear and more. You can also buy and research parts for your stock car, there is just a massive amount of things you can change and customize. There is even a large amount of assists available for gamers new to the racing genre, also to mention there are three interior views alone as well as the exterior vehicle views meaning you can almost view the track from where ever you want whilst racing.

The game (for you hardcore Nascar fans out there) even has multiple choice questions to answer during the loading screens which is super cool. The single player side of the game is just brilliant, you can even (like Forza) take pictures of you racing, and view your highlights afterwards as well as add decals to your stock car. Nascar 14 also manages to pull off simulation in a stellar fashion, if you up the difficulty, turn all the assists off as well has have all wear and tear set to a more realistic level, only then will you experience how difficult racing around the Nascar ring is.

The fun doesn't end there, however, once you're done with the single player aspect you can head straight into multiplayer. The game gives you a choice of online or split-screen which is neat as many games are losing the split screen option nowadays. As soon as you brake into the online mode, you have the usual options of joining or creating a race, but there is even an online league option which is a nice extra.

I did however find it impossible to experiment with the online mode as it seems the servers are empty at the moment. It is not surprising, though, as the game hasn't long hit the shelves.

Overall Nascar 14 delivers a solid racing experience and will be favored by Nascar fans most certainly, i do feel though that any racing fan who loves games should pick this up too, as for £29.99 you are getting a meaty amount of content as well as a unique racing experience that can't be found elsewhere.


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