Mugen Souls Z is the latest anime RPG for the PlayStation 3 console.

It is a Typical JRPG with an Anime art style that is sharp, classy and polished. The game drops you into a story about Chou Chou, a self righteous [email protected]#* who wants to take over the seven worlds. Accompanying her are here weird and fluffy companions! As you progress through the game you will end up noticing that all the characters have serious issues, the most common being, multiple personality disorder. Each character is illustrated beautifully though. Along with the various strange characters, come the more than strange variety of enemies, all ranging from stupidly strange to creepily cool.

What I found most compelling about Mugen Souls were the amount options available, there are also a huge amount of items within the game, each with its own attributes and look. The game also offers an insanely high player cap of 9,999, certainly the highest ive ever seen.

Mugen Souls, Z definitely sets itself apart from the other RPGS available, the art style alone is unique enough. Sadly though, besides the visually stunning character models, the world around you has a lack of beauty. Don't get me wrong the scenery and buildings are vibrant and colorful but the textures aren't overly detailed.

The game also has problems on the dialogue side, I feel there is just way too much of it that is unnecessary. Most dialogue involves the gods either arguing or showing off. There is an option to skip these dialogue scenes quickly, but hidden amongst the bad dialogue are vital pieces of the game's story. I found this rather strange that the dialogue ended up too long and boring as the English dub was done really well. You can revert to the original language, but I felt that the dub was that good that you just don't need to.

Mugen Souls Z isn't open world as such, the game does give you large areas to roam in but once you want to leave that area you will be hit by a loading screen. The loading screens are reasonably short, so you can forget they are even happening at times.

Overall Mugen Souls Z offers a huge amount of content and play-ability, especially for hardcore JRPG fans, but I feel the game lacks the essentials to draw a new audience in due to its in depth menus and customization. Don't let this statement put you off though, Mugen Souls Z is a packed JRPG that may suit your needs perfectly.


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