Murdered Soul Suspect is available on PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 oh and lets not forget PC. Murdered Soul Suspect sees you playing as Ronan a criminal turned cop who has been murdered by some psycho killer. This is how the game starts as well as giving you more information on his background. From there you will have to use your spiritual skills to investigate your own murder.

The game itself looks fantastic on PlayStation 4 however, I did not play it on another platform so I can't really compare. The environments look detailed and character models also look great. Your ghostly appearance is animated beautifully throughout. The game also features great audio which sets the tone perfectly, especially during the really eery moments of the game.

Controls are sleek too, giving precise movement at all times, ensuring a fluid and button-lag free experience. Thanks to the great controls enemies were not too hard or too easy to destroy, that's right folks you do have enemies in the spirit world!

Murdered Soul Suspect features large open levels that are fun and sometimes puzzling to traverse, at times you feel there is no way to get to your destination, however once you have found the right path you feel like a genius. This is what I loved most about the game, the fact that there is so much to accomplish. Throughout the various levels and buildings there are side quests to break up the main story, these work great as you will come across various spirits with their own problems for you to solve. As well as the side quests there are also tons of collectible sets to be found and once a set is found, it will open up a side story about the past events of the city adding to the believability of it all.

You can even possess a cat!

The fun just never ends, Murdered Soul Suspect strives to be unique and it does this successfully, characters are easy to relate to and believable, the city is vast and full of life.... or death and the constant surprise around the next corner is just thrilling. Not once throughout the ten hour campaign did I feel bored or like I needed to take a break. I was constantly looking forward to the next part of the twisted intriguing story. When it was time for me to go to bed, I sat and thought about the events that had unfolded before me and how they related to each other, who was this killer, how was it all related, maybe its this person or that person.

When I woke up the next day I was straight back on it, gathering evidence, closing cases and getting one step closer to the conclusion. This game had reeled me in and held me in and that is what makes a game great! Murdered Soul Suspect will be a surprise to most as it is a solid, visually stunning masterpiece that will keep you entertained from beginning to end, the story clearly has been well written, time and care has been taken on the project, in fact the only problem I had with this game was the slight amount of screen tearing I encountered during the cut scenes. The game almost runs flawlessly!

So what is Murdered Soul Suspect, well what it is, is a game you must play. It is a great game that makes you think every step of the way, a game that makes you feel constantly satisfied with your accomplishments, a game that leaves a ghostly imprint on your mind when your not playing it and it's definitely one of the best games released last year.

For the most thrilling, puzzling and surprising murder case ever, purchase Murdered Soul Suspect NOW!!!


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