Lego The Hobbit is certainly the best Lego game yet.

The visuals as expected from a Lego game are superb, everything looks great and when you first arrive at the colorful and vibrant shire, just take time to look around it and devour its beauty.

The story is also superb following the first two hobbit films to date really well. Witty Humor as always is fantastic and never feels like it doesn’t fit in.

Meeting characters you love and know well from the film in their Lego form is always fun as you never quite know what they are going to look like, but you do know that no matter what, they will look awesome.

Once your past the first couple of levels the whole world will open up with various locations to explore, side quests to tackle and collectables to find in order to achieve that one hundred percent completion.

There were a few minor bugs here and there, including the disappearance of the stud trail once or twice, but wandering around aimlessly for a bit soon solved that problem. The framerate was also consistent most of the time.

Loading screens were also fairly quick.

The Controls for Lego The Hobbit are, as always with any recent Lego game precise and simple.

Audio again is great all of the soundtrack has been taken from the film to ensure that the game feels just right. Effects and audio cues, sound great.

The Voice acting is good too not once did i feel disconnected from the characters in any way what so ever.

The Lego characters in the game are really fun to play with, Dwarves wield heavy two handed weapons like hammers and think about food a lot where as elves are springy on their feet and wield daggers. Each character certainly feels care has been taken on them to ensure they each feel different. My personal favorite, however, was Gandalf the wizard, wielding his magic staff like a complete old age Lego badass should. He also gets to light up the pitch black areas.

Missions vary from collect this to run away from that or defeat this mean ugly bad guy. They are all separated adequately thus not to feel too repetitive.

Where the game really shines most for me is in that open world, each city looks and feels great. I love wandering around middle earth with various different characters trying different side quests for random Lego minifigures as well as finding extra unlockables/ treasures.

I also love having the option to mix and match Lego to create my own unique character.

The co op drop in feature has again been included, meaning anyone can simply pick another controller up and seamlessly take control of another character, though it’s a shame no online co op was implemented.

The Lego object building is similar to that of the Lego movie video game in that it will open up a screen where you can see how the Lego object is built, you can even slow it down if you want to follow it and build the object yourself with real Lego.

The main story took me around eleven hours to complete however i was still only at twenty two percent completion.

Also to mention is the remote play via PSVita the game runs flawlessly using the feature, although the controls are slightly different for obvious reasons.

Overall, I think Lego hobbit is a must purchase no matter what platform you buy it on. Its packed with content and most importantly is really fun to play. Even after the story is over, there are still tons of fun things to do.


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