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1. Getting your first great idea!

This is the moment when you'r watching a show, a movie or reading a book and think "I got such a good idea!" It's the point where you can't wait to sit down and write your story. We've all been there! I had the moment most recently during "Age of Ultron" when Wanda goes to Ultron in the crushed bus. It feels like Buddy the Elf finding out Santa's coming!

2. Getting positive feedback!

This is the moment after you've uploaded 1 or 2 chapters of your story and you get an email with news of review! You open the email, hoping someone doesn't hate you for changing their fandom universe in anyway and you read that they love it and can't wait for more! That moment makes you want to do the Carlton!

3. You can’t think of what to write next!

Now that people like your work, the pressure's on. They want more chapters but you were pacing yourself. This leads to the inevitable writer's block which can only be prevented by making a chapter outline before starting. Let's be honest though, do any of us do that?

4. The idea for the next chapter hits your brain!

As your laying in bed, standing in the shower or sitting at work the next idea hits you! You're smart about it this time and you take a lot of notes before continuing. You just hope you have enough ammo to finish the story. But you're excited and a little mischievous.

5. That moment when someone doesn't like your story.

There isn't much to say about this other than shake it off and keep going. I mean, we can't please everyone but if it's on a chapter really far in and it's based on the basic plot you want to respond with "Why'd you keep reading?"

6. Someone posts a link to your story and you feel like your names out there for fanfiction.

You now feel embarrassed by the online recognition you received. You didn't want people to know you write fanfiction. This doesn't happen very often but it'll turn you red in the face if it does. TRUST me.

Being recognized for Sharknado fanfiction
Being recognized for Sharknado fanfiction

7. You get over the embarrassment and feel pride for your work.

I mean the person who wrote the movie liked your story, that's pretty cool right. You only have to choices at this point. You can take ownership of your writing or you can hide and never write again. I'll take option 1!

8. When your story is over…

Whether it was 5 chapter or 59 chapters, your story had to come to an end and when it does you get all the feels. It's hard to say goodbye to the beloved characters or the ones you created yourself. The trick is to always leave room for a sequel, just in case.

9. The next story idea comes!

A fanfiction writer's work is never done. Another story will creep in when you least expect it. You try and plan better to avoid some steps but inevitably it always goes the same way.

Y'all I love writing fanfiction and I hope you do too! It's a blast! Here's a link to mine:

I write about Avengers, Blacklist, Jurassic World, the new Terminator and more! Share yours and be proud!


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