Lego Marvel Superheroes may be thought as, as just Lego game but for me it was far from it.

It was the best Lego game experience i have had ever.

You start of playing as 2 awesome marvel characters iron man and hulk and from there the game just gets better and better.

Each marvel character has there own abilities still intact, hulk can transform, iron man can fly and this other guy can transform into…. well…. a tea pot.

The games story isn’t where the game shines most however, the story itself is not bad but the story levels do get repetitive especially towards the end.

Its not the surroundings that are dull because each level looks unique in fact my personal favorite was Asgard, its just the way the levels play out.

You use each characters unique ability to traverse the levels and then you end up with a boss you usually have to hit 3 times in order to destroy them.

That is basically every level and although well stretched out throughout most of the game the last 3 levels in particular were that annoying due to the repetitiveness i had to have a break between playing them.

You’ll also notice allot of humor during the games cut scenes as you play through which definitely add to the enjoyment and experience for example seeing the hulk sweeping the street with a dust pan and brush made me giggle like a little school girl.

Once the game is finished only then does it truly open up.You gain access to a huge character roster and can switch between each character any time by holding down triangle, this does noticeably pose a problem though as you also hold triangle to transform characters too so the game does get itself mixed up. You can fly round as iron man or hop into a Lego vehicle or even look for more characters, there’s also a ton of gold brick challenges and Lego side quests as well as special levels.

This game is just crammed with content.

Also the ability to have a partner drop in or out at any time is also great, though its a shame no online mode was implemented.

The game therefore does most things right, there’s a ton of collectibles as always from gold bricks to unlock-able characters to vehicles and even character skins.

Lego marvel superheroes looks and feels great, from each Lego building to the sound effect that plays every time you collect a Lego stud on your way to being a “true believer” it really does make a difference playing this on PlayStation 4 too as the game looks well polished and the draw distance is considerably better.

My experience was bug and lag free for the most part, as-well as extremely fun.

Lego marvel superheroes reeled me in and still has me hooked as i often play it to see what else can be unlocked.

So by now you’ve probably figured Lego marvel superheroes is a great Lego game and for me is certainly a step in the right direction, id love to see more Lego games similar to this one.

So if your a Lego fan buy it, if your a marvel fan buy it.

The campaign took me 11 hours and with all the collectibles i have collected so far i am in at around 14 hours and there’s still stuff for me to find and do in order to reach the 100 percent mark.


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