King Oddball is a quirky little angry bird style spin off, you play as King Oddball whose tongue is as long and muscly as a Stretch Armstrong.

The gameplay is really quite fun, throwing rocks at tanks, helicopters and military folk that look like Darth Vader in green is certainly satisfying.

You have a limited cache of only 3 rocks available, but pulling off irregularities such as destroying four enemies with one rock will gain you an extra special golden rock.

These golden rocks as far as i can tell are slightly stronger, did i forget to say you can also earn these by hitting yourself with an ordinary rock too.

The art style is great the gameplay is fun the only side let down really is the audio, at first its ok, but after hours of non stop tank destroying fun the music got that gratingly repetitive that i had to turn it off.

There are also little so called side mission categories hosting a ton of other playable levels with different difficulties included.

There are a couple of collectables on offer, including mustaches (which unlock the secret mustache mode) and diamonds which are earned throughout the game.

There is a slight unnecessary marketing scheme implemented as postcards that you send to other people on your friends list asking them to buy the game which in turn unlocks special items, although i understand the reason for implementing such a feature i do believe that offering something that is otherwise unlockable for sending these messages to your friends is slightly out of order.

That completes the £5.99 package, a good fun and addictive game much better than angry birds that offers a meaty amount of explosive military content.


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