Killzone SF is another game in the series of which this is the only one ive really sunk my teeth into.

It starts with the relocation of the vektans since sharing a world with the helghast has entitled the helghast to colonize half of the planet and name it new helghan, both sides separated by a huge wall.

That is where you come in a mere child trying to get to the wall with his father but when things don’t quite go as planned you end up joining the shadow marshals. From there the story just gets deeper and deeper but the story was not entirely why i purchased the game… I purchased the game in order to see the most amazing visuals ever produced by a console.

The visuals oh my god what an amazing looking game,breathtakingly beautiful, burned into my tiny mind.

The controls are also great although took some getting used to as compared with call of duty’s pace of play killzone is certainly allot slower or at least felt allot slower.

The guns in this game are totally sweet with the default weapon being my absolute favorite as you can change between a scoped and non scoped state but only within the scoped state can you fire a whole magazine as a supercharged shot that emits a superb electronic sound.

There is also collectible magazines hidden around the large and beautiful landscapes which if you collect all will gain you a trophy.

Audio is also superb throughout the whole game.

Killzone does have problems though, the A.I is at times terribly thick and jumping into the wrong place will get you killed even if the drop is merely a meter, there is also the matter of a couple of problems i had whilst playing, sometimes set pieces were not activated at there rightful time which forced me to restart the whole mission.

“What an annoyance that was”

A few puzzles/interactive objects here and there and that pretty much concludes killzone. I didn’t find the voice acting that great nor did i find the story that pleasing but the quality of the visuals were certainly that high i just wanted to see what each level looked like.

Multiplayer also looks superb with various game modes that will keep you amused for hours, i never found a single problem within the multiplayer mode, frame rate stayed consistent and lobbies would always fill up.

I just didn’t stay around long enough as its character and weapon customization ranges from extremely basic to non existent.

So despite shadow falls short comings the game delivers a complete package that although lacks in areas shows off the graphical potential of the current hardware oh and did i forget to mention the audio logs that play through the controller speaker and sound really eerie at times.


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