For those of you who know Naughty Dog well, not only are they noted for most famously the Crash Bandicoot series and most recently their visually perfect The Last Of Us but for gamers like myself they also had another great series, remember Jak and Daxter folks.

This game has been available for some time now as a High Definition Remake for the PlayStation 3 and I just had to write a review on it.

Jak and Daxter are two adorable characters with great personalities, Initially Jak along with Daxter are scouring Mysty Island, a place prohibited by their watchover Samus. One thing leads to another and Jak ends up returning to Sandover Village in order to get help from Samus. The only way to help Daxter, however, was to take him to the Dark Sage who lived far to the north.

The game essentially features large open levels but due to loading screens can’t be considered to be open world. Loading screens are short though and don’t deter from the experience.

The games story will hook you from the start and not once throughout does it get dull or boring, the voice acting is great, every character you meet sounds how they should sound because of that not once did I feel disconnected from them. Each character you meet offers you quests in which you will be rewarded with a power cell.

Each quest is always interesting whether it’s chasing a pelican to get a power cell or catching fish for the guy in the jungle, each quest is original and unique and with its added quirky humour and voice acting it’s really fun.

There are a specific amount of precursor orbs and power cells per level as well as the hidden scout flies, these collectibles as such were the main reason for me re playing levels as there are now trophies for finding them all.

The game mechanics like the original still work well although I do feel the camera could have been tweaked somewhat as during certain sequences it poses a problem. The controls work really well too, they have also added a Sixaxis option to move the camera around in first person although I just preferred the original way.

The games visuals in HD just look extra special although still not on par with many games of the last generation they are still a huge improvement on the original and offer a better way to see the game.

The sound effects and audio cues are as quirky as the game whether you’re riding the zoomer or flying the flut flut, the game still sounds crisp and runs smoothly.

It’s these sequences with the zoomer or flut flut that break the platforming up and keep the game flowing well to ensure you never have a dull moment.

The games charm never subsides; it really is and was a fun game to play with great vibrant visuals and loveable characters, what more do you need. Jak and Daxter is a great example of a good game. A game with style and uniqueness, a game that kept me amused for around 5 hours. I never wanted it to end and was always intrigued by the next character as well as what would happen next.

For those of you who have played it before, you should certainly play through it again and for those of you that haven’t played it yet, well you should. Jak and Daxter is a great game and games of its type are unfortunately rarely seen today!


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