inFamous Second Son for PlayStation 4 is an awesome title.

The story is original, at times moving as well as surprising, certainly one of my favored game stories out there at the moment, you play as Delsin an average run of the mill character who ends up acquiring a special set of powers, from there everything goes down hill for you, as your friend Betty gets her leg infested with cement shards that could eventually kill her and your brother Reggie (a cop) finds it difficult to understand why you would pursue these powers in order to save Betty.

From there you have to contest with the D.U.P as they’re out to catch the conduits (bio terrorists) and lock them up in order to keep them away from mainstream, society.

So that’s the outline of the story(not to give away too much), now for the visuals. The games visuals look fantastic, sun shafts look great and although occasional screen tearing i noticed no frame rate drops even during busy scenes and every little bit of detail has been added especially when it comes to the powers. Seattle just looks so beautiful from any angle. Puddles glimmer in the sunlight and leaves fall off trees in such a tranquil way.

Once you have finished the main story missions there is still plenty to get from inFamous Second Son, there’s various side stories,tagging spots as well as the task of ridding the D.U.P from Seattle.

If you head online here there is a bonus extension called inFamous paper trail.

Onto the powers.

You start off with just smoke but as you progress you also acquire neon, video and concrete.

Each power works great and looks awesome but even if your skill trees are well developed you never truly feel like a really powerful bad ass which is disappointing..

Though running up the side of a building super fast as a beam of neon light never gets old. There are also some super cool powers that are only available depending on your morality.

The characters in the story are also great apart from the 3 mentioned above, you will meet a variety of others with there own personal traits but the problem with them is you never really feel attached to them as you’ll only meet them for brief periods of time. The character models look great and there animations are fluid.

The controls are very smooth and precise inFamous Second Son strives to use the PlayStation 4 controller abilities for the better.

Sound effects play through the controllers speaker when you drain from a power source, the touch pad is used to drain energy as well as aiding in destroying certain objects and there’s also tagging spots in which you hold the controller side ways and press R2 to spray, its cool because like a real spray can you have to shake the controller to produce a more consistent spray.

Audio is also very good, the soundtrack is awesome and the voice acting is great. There was never a moment in which i thought the audio was below standard.

InFamous Second Son truly is a great game with outstanding visuals as well as gviving attention to detail. This is definitely the best PS4 title to date.

So if your looking for a stunning action game with a gripping story look no further.


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