How To Train Your Dragon 2 intrigued me, we have had a few good video games based on movies over the last few years, the main one being Toy Story 3! I was hoping for another one. This game though is a complete disappointment. Don't get me wrong, the frame rate is solid and what it offers is ok, but it is no way what I was hoping for, I should have realized the measly file size of 512mb would dampen the game somewhat. So How To Train Your Dragon 2 is first and foremost a third person game that houses a host of mini games, now this wouldn't seem to bad for me but the lack of visuals on offer really destroys these mini experiences. Flying the dragon around and open world is supposed to be a fun thing but it truly isn't, again the visuals are to blame as well as the lack of things to do bar mini games. Then there are the constant sentences, repeating over and over again like a scratched vinyl (come on guys this is last gen stuff). The mini games that are available are mediocre, racing, shooting targets and collecting sheep are among them. Most of them seem to be variations of those 3 main mini games. There is just a lack of overall polish, depth and gameplay available! No story is featured either, the game has virtually no dialogue present and this is a big flaw with a movie game. So How To Train Your Dragon looks bleak, but there are some good points.

The game will certainly appeal to those younger games that have a somewhat shorter attention span, it does also let you choose from 5 different dragons and you may fly them as you please. The dragons are nicely detailed it is just a shame the environments aren't.

Other than that though the game is seriously flawed and would have been better releasing for Wii only as it just doesn't take advantage of anything, You are paying for a disc with barely any content. So overall I can't recommend the purchase, even in the bargain bin I wouldn't pick it up.

There are better games out there that kids in particular will enjoy a lot more! I just hope that the developers take this on board, sure I can see you have put effort into it, but there just isn't enough content available to warrant the price. If there were more unlockables, a story mode and an online mode, then maybe, just maybe it would have been worth purchasing!


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