First off, for those have you that don't know, Guacamelee is a 2D adventure/ platformer where you play as turned Luchador Juan in an attempt to rid the land of the undead! There is a little more to the story than that, but I don't want to ruin it. It's a charming game with a unique art style and superb soundtrack that came with a brilliant story filled with action and heart felt enjoyment. It was released last year on various platforms with an array of success, but has re arisen as Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition for the current generation of hardware.

The game has been changed a hell of a lot and some of you may be wondering, is it really worth re purchasing something you have played before? Well in my honest opinion, yes, it is all worth re purchasing again as there is a ton of new unseen content as well as some slick improvements. Firstly the visuals that already looked fantastic look clearer and sharper round the edges, controls have been tweaked too to make the experience feel fluid, along with that there are extra characters' new story levels that tie in with the story and a host of extra content too from little things such as combat moves to a few extra side missions here and there.

Essentially, you are getting a familiar yet fuller experience with all the extras packed in there. Let's say an improved version of the original. Co-op also returns, but sadly is still local although there are Leaderboards to contend with! The amazing soundtrack has remained as it should mostly, as it features a superb Mexican style that sets the tone really well.

The slick U.I has returned with a fresh coat of paint along with a brand new menu screen upon startup.

Another thing you will be pleased about is that the loading screens are much shorter, getting you right into the gameplay much quicker than before!

Ultimately Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition has kept those foundations that made the original indie hit grand and improved on what seemed unimprovable due to its already perfect charm and content. The game is still the same great game yet better than before, it certainly deserves to be on your must buy list whether you have played it before or not.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing through Guacamelee! Turbo Championship Edition again on the PlayStation 4, so if you're up for it a second time round go pick it up now, It is free on Xbox One and discounted on PS Plus, also if you have previously owned it on PS3/Vita you can get an extra discount making the game even more so, well worth the purchase!


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