Grid Autosport is the latest in the franchise to hit stores near you. The game is available in the U.S now and will be available in the U.K Friday. Grid Autosport is what many loyal fans have been waiting for after the boycott of Grid 2 which was poorly received!

Grid Autosport corrects Grid 2s issues and offers a superb, solid racing game that you will enjoy playing for hours with minimal frustration levels.

First off Grid Autosport features impressive visuals, no matter what platform you play it on, the vehicle models are great as are the environments. Tearing through the apexes and roaring along the straights never get boring as each car sounds unique and handles differently. Once you start the game you will be greeted with the familiar option of inputting your credentials as well as choosing a voiced name. This has always been a neat feature of Grids as every time you head back into the game you will hear the game say "Welcome Back Your Name". Then you have an array of options to choose from, from online modes to career modes.

Career modes are where you will be spending most of your time though and you will be pleased to know that these are well balanced with different types of races from Open Wheel to Tuner races. These races give you the option of choosing a sponsor, each sponsor will give you challenges to complete on the track for an amount of XP and each sponsor will give you a vehicle to race with. This makes racing that more interesting as depending on your choice, you could be required to beat a rival or just come placed 5th in a race for an XP boost. It's your choice but ultimately I chose which one depending on which vehicle I thought I could handle easier.

Certain series also require you to watch various damages that can occur to your car, for example on one series of race I had to watch my tire wear while driving around the track until a timer had reached zero, I could be in first place by soaring round the track and breaking a lot but in turn my tires would wear a ton and the car could spin out costing me the race. You can literally smash up your car so much that you have to either restart the race or use a neat feature that ill mention in a moment. Various damage such as tire blow outs, gear box damage steering damage and more can all be achieved if you race erratically enough.

These add nice differences to each race offering a variety of ways to play ensuring that the adrenaline fueled racing never gets dull or boring. Fans of Grid will also love to know that the cockpit view is back, although I'm sure some will moan as its blurred out, but I think that is a good thing. Sure, it's nice to see the detail inside the car, but I would rather be focusing on the road than the cockpit.

So along with the cockpit view, there are also 5 other views available to choose from which is good. Grid Autosport is a fantastic racing game for newcomers too, they really have balanced it out well this time offering as many assists as you would need if you were just starting out in the racing genre. These assists come in the form of braking, steering, full racing line and your usuals such as ABS, TCS etc. These work fantastically too, they still make you feel in control while they are in use, which I felt was brilliant as with most racing games these assists completely take over and make you feel like the only thing you're capable of controlling is the acceleration.

They have even implemented the rewind option that can be fine tuned to your ability of racing!

Another neat feature is the option to upload clips of replays straight to YouTube, opening up that social sharing experience for gamers still playing the last generation of consoles.

Multiplayer also adds online races which I didn't get to try out as no one was online (I guess that is because the game had not been released to the public yet) and split-screen which is great if you have friends round, many games seem to forget this feature is still worth implementing.

Although Grid Autosport isn't available for the current generation of consoles, it is still a fantastic racing game which I am sure will please even the most avid racing fan, it looks and sounds superb and it was no doubt the best racing game last year. So quickly go and buy it now from your local retailer so we can try out the online features.


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