Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn debuted on the PlayStation 3 and PC a few years back however unfortunately the game itself was poorly received on PlayStation 3 with loading times and graphical flaws being the most obvious, apart from that the control scheme wasn’t fine-tuned so the game was eventually lost in the crowd of other great titles.

This year the game makes a return to the PlayStation platform with updated visuals, simpler controls and all the content that was released for the PlayStation 3 version.

The game starts you off as before on the character creation screen giving you a huge amount customisation options to aid you in making your character unique to you. This is initially where you can see the visual improvements as character models look sharper, more detailed and more lifelike.

Once you start the game and actually get to see the open world full of other players only then will you see the true differences, landscapes are beautiful with every ounce of detail put into them. Draw distances are also improved offering a wider and further field of view. The game I feel actually improves on the PC version.

The whole game has really been completely overhauled, the other visual improvement is the fact you can now see more players on screen than ever before meaning you can meet with your friends much easier than before.

The user interface is now a lot nicer to the eye, looking less clunky.

As with all Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing games it has an array of weapons, clothing and vanity items to unlock and use.

Onto the audio, the games audio is identical to the PlayStation 3 version keeping that original FFXIV intact adding to the enjoyment of the game. As you walk round the various cities the music is subtle and relaxing but once in combat the music turns frantic and more upbeat, it never gets boring to listen to. Voice acting as expected only appears during cut scenes, the rest is just text based speech.

The controls are also greatly improved offering a smooth and simpler scheme that will make the game much easier ti play. The touch pad functions as a mouse while the other buttons are used for navigation of menus etc. It looks complicated at first but the games tutorial will clear up any doubts you have about the ease of controls also if you really don’t feel it works that well you can always plug in a keyboard and mouse.

You can also play this game via remote play on the PlayStation Vita and surprisingly it works really well. The only downside is the text which is for an obvious reason is a lot smaller.

The only issue I had with the game itself was the map as it’s a shame you can’t make it larger.

You can pick up the game in the UK for around £30 or in the US around $40. There is a monthly subscription required to play the game though but you don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription running alongside it.

Overall FFXIV is a great Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that finally proves games of its type do work well on consoles. If you’re looking for a game that you can play with huge amounts of people from around the world, a game that will literally keep you occupied for days then definitely pick this up.


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