To start off Fez is an excellent example of how to make a fun solid experience that’s challenging engaging and unique.

Fez at heart is a 2D puzzler/ Platformer that has been twisted around a bit to feature a full 3D world.

Everything is dependent on perspective.

A platform that is too far to jump to in one angle may end up being right next to you in another.

Fez tells the story of Gomez a 2D creature living in a beautifully created 3D world.

Gomez is sent out on a journey that will take him and you by surprise as you scale the open ended world that is full of secrets and treasures to find out the mysteries of the past as well as what lies in the present.

Fez as expected looks gorgeous, the classic visuals offer a pleasing sight that never once got boring.

The soundtrack is also super cool and the controls are simple and responsive.

Fez features no combat or dangers throughout the world. It just drops you into an intensely crafted 2D spectacle that’s dense with platforming puzzles that are really fun as well as challenging.

For me Fez is an absolute iconic platformer that is going to be a hard one to beat. The amount of content is paramount for the price of the game.

You can purchase it for PC but If you buy it on the PlayStation Network for one platform you will actually get it on all three platforms PS3 PS4 and PSV.

If you haven’t yet purchased this game



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