Farming Simulator 2014 is out now, I got my copy on PS Vita and I am glad that I did. Farming Simulator is the perfect game for a handheld as you can farm on the move!

You are in charge of a farm, growing and selling crops at first is essential. Once you have gained an amount of money needed, you can spend it on new land, farm animals and more. The aim of the game is literally to build and maintain the biggest farm possible.

You will have to use various machinery in order to complete the tasks of farming. These come in the form of 2 tractors with towable equipment and a combine. The game does vaguely teach you how to use the equipment available, but for the most part you will have to learn yourself through just playing the game.

Visually the game isn't too bad, it looks fine for a handheld game just don't expect it to be on par with sony's exclusive titles. This game really is a tough one to talk about as, as simulation goes, it does a great job of it. It puts you in the shoes of a farmer and gives you all the tools needed to feel like one too.

It features a neat mini map, simple controls and good visuals. It does miss out a few features from the PC version such as the cockpit view and the nice particle effects, but overall it does a grand job at staying true to the series in delivering the simulation experience you expect.

Overall Farming Simulator 2014 is what you would expect it to be, a simulation for the farming enthusiast. It is a solid title in itself, but may only appeal to a smaller audience. As for myself, I will be playing this game until the next one releases as it keeps me entertained. So its in store now and available digitally if you wish to get your hands on it!


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