Ethan Meteor Hunter is a platformer/ puzzler that leaves a a lot to desire.

The game itself consists of you playing as ethan a small mouse whom has barely any backstory, all you know is that meteors fell from the sky and landed on his house.

The platforming is ok, it’s not a great platforming experience by any means due to the apparent floatiness of Ethan’s jumping ability but it just about works. Bear in mind there will be a huge amount of rage emanating from your mind as you play this!

The visuals on the other hand are really nice, the vibrant green meteors catch your eye and the liquid effects look great. Everything has a nice clean finish to it.

The audio is also pleasing, I could listen to the soundtrack throughout my play through without getting annoyed or distracted, I actually found the soundtrack to be quite relaxing. Audio cues and sound effects are also really well done.

Controls are the games main frustration as they would work great but don’t due to the games physics. Ethan is extremely light and the only reason I could think of that would justify why he was so light was Ethan along the way somewhere must have sucked up a rather large amount of helium as he is floats like a zeppelin on steroids. I was constantly frustrated with the game for that main reason. I could never judge where he would land as like a paper aeroplane he would land stupidly early or he would fly to his death.

The game tries to mix things up by giving Ethan the ability to pause time and move objects around, now this can be done with the touch screen but I preferred to use the shoulder buttons instead as they were much more precise. These instances are fun at first but soon get tiresome.

My favourite types of levels were the run like hell levels where I was usually being chased by something that if touched by, would lead to my demise. These were fun and frantic and therefore the helium addicted mouse involved didn’t seem as much of a problem.

Overall Ethan Meteor Hunter is an example of a not so great game, a game that will surely get lost amongst the great and inspiring platformers/ puzzlers, a game that is doomed down to a few technicalities that could have simply been improved.

For that reason I would wait for this game to hit the sales before purchasing, and even then I would be hesitant.


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