Enemy Front is the latest WW2 game to hit the gaming scene, in the game trailers, it offered a promising sign that maybe, just maybe WW2 games can make a comeback. When I first saw the gameplay trailer I was hyped, WW2 was making a comeback and it looked awesome.

The game was also released on the last generation of consoles as well as PC and it boasted true stealth sequences as well as fantastic gunplay and story. Ultimately, though, the game fell below my now realized deranged expectations. Sadly WW2 clearly isn't making a comeback and Enemy Front ensures that,

In Enemy Front you play as Robert Hawkins a writer who is caught up in the resistance during WW2. As you progress through the story you will learn of Roberts past and how he became so efficient with handling a weapon. Other than that you will ensure the uprising in Warsaw succeeds. The game offers multiple ways to complete each mission, you can take the go in all guns blazing route or the go in all guns blazing route, that's right you're reading this correctly.

The supposed stealthy option rarely works as enemies will almost certainly spot you, you may think killing someone quietly won't alert the various soldiers, however, in order to stealthily kill a soldier you must endure 10 seconds of holy shit I have just been spotted for acting too slow. The countless times i tried, but failed the scenario that then forced me to shoot like hell!

Now the all guns blazing sounds good anyway, so I guess I could ignore the badly implemented stealth, sadly not, the gunplay is mediocre at best. Sure, some fun can be had with it especially during sniping sequences as some rounds fire off in slow motion, but other than those moments I found the gun play extremely dull and quite imprecise.

There were also numerous bugs, glitches and a consistent frame rate drop to contend with too, these frame rate issues plagued the entire game and seemed worse when the game auto-saved, which ended up being fairly frequent. I would personally say that the frame rate issue ruined the entire experience for me, the frame rate is and was terrible often making the game shudder violently causing an almost unplayable game. I thought i might be able to solve this issue by disabling the auto-save but alas there was no such option.

The game's visuals, however, were fairly decent, i could see what they were trying for using the hardware available, some elements looked fantastic, certain shadow effects were good and lets not forget the water effects, I just feel that the game would have probably functioned a lot better on the current generation of consoles as it lacked texture detail in a lot of places and probably would have benefited from larger draw distances too.

Enemy Front also throws in multiplayer which was devastating, the modes were promising, Deathmatch, team Deathmatch, etc. The game servers ended up being so lag intensive that it rendered the multiplayer unplayable!

Despite the whole game ending up being an almost complete mess it does redeem itself in some places. I was still compelled to play until the end, I also enjoyed the story and the sniping sequences, some of the visuals were stunning too. The slow motion rounds worked great and I also loved the odd loading screen that appeared throughout showing a frozen in time battlefield that the camera pans through. I liked the interactive gramophones dotted around too (although their textures were terrible, the music emanating from them sounded great). The actual guns featured were also modelled well, guns like the:

• MP40

• Kar98


• And my personal favorite, the Welrod

There are more, but these were the ones I am most familiar with. Lastly the game did have hidden collectibles and it does offer optional secondary objectives to break up the main story's pace.

Overall Enemy Front is currently a disappointment, I had hoped for so much, but ended up with so little, I absolutely love WW2 games and I seriously had faith in this title but what came before me ended up being a complete disaster. A game that has simply been restricted due to the hardware and destroyed as a result.

Hopefully a patch can fix these issues which would force me to change my view of Enemy Front entirely, but until then I can't recommend the purchase, wait until it is in the bargain bucket or buy something else!


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