Drakengard 3 takes inspiration from the first two Drakengard games and compiles them into what ends up being Drakengard 3. It is an action RPG with serious attitude. The game's story involves Zero a sister of Five (which ironically are named One-Five) who is out to seek revenge and take over the world.

As you embark on your journey with your simplistic dragon friend you will surely find memories flooding back from the previous two games. The action is fast paced and brutal, as you slay your way through enemies, blood streams everywhere and soaks your clothing.Environments are also large scale as with the previous titles.

The story is quite easy to get into too and makes for a nice experience, character models are nice and move fluidly. The art style is unique and the audio is also crisp and clear.

Drakengard's U.I is simple to navigate and you can switch weapons by the mere press of a button.

Drakengard 3 isn't without problems, though. The game's framerate drops nearly all of the time rendering the game often hard to play, it does deter from the experience as for example when you're trying to frantically fight a boss the game stutters a hell of a lot making the boss almost impossible to attack. The game is also censored in places, bringing up a screen stating" THIS CONTENT HAS BEEN DEEMED INAPPROPRIATE BY NEARLY EVERYONE" The voice acting is also extremely cringe worthy at times, especially when the game tries to throw in constant sexual innuendos with nearly every character. Zero is also made out to be a huge bi*#@ that wants to kill everyone who stands in her way including her own sisters. Despite all the negativity the game is still OK, the story as I have said is really engaging and the combat when the framerate is smooth can be quite fun, it is just a shame that the game released with serious framerate issues.

The visuals are quite nice, character models look best as environments look slightly muddy with blurry textures as to be expected from the older hardware, but mostly the game looks reasonable.

Please also note that the game is a download only title that can be purchased from the PSN for £39.99 and will use 15GB of your sacred hard drive space!

Overall Drakengard is certainly not a complete experience, but i am sure with a few patches these problems can be ironed out making the game playable and more enjoyable.


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