Deadfall Adventures for Xbox 360 is fun, it takes inspiration from other stories and games then puts them together to make what is evidently an OK game.

You play as Quatermain who is out searching for treasures, one specific treasure claims lots of interest from the Nazis and the Russians.

You will then be heading to many places in order to solve puzzles and find this treasure. Some treasures are much easier to find as they are in plain sight, whereas others seem to be missing (just extremely difficult to find) . Treasures you find behind the simpler puzzles let you upgrade character stats too. The puzzles you come across as progressing through the story for the most part make you think “how the hell doi do this” due to not being able to understand the games note book. Just to point out a cool feature at the beginning of the game lets you choose not only the difficulty of the enemy A.I but also the difficulty of the puzzles.

The game’s visuals are good, you can tell that a big portion of the game’s budget went on visuals as environments and gun models look stunning on the last generation hardware.

Everything else, however falls short of what could have been an excellent experience.

Game play is somewhat lacking, although gun play is great and some puzzles are interesting the rest of the game is just awkward.

You will end up trying to read a note book that looks like its drawings are done by a 5 year old.

There are also copious amounts of problems to list a few

• Glitching into terrain.

• Enemies only dying when hit by a specific weapon(not even grenades would kill them).

• A.I in general is dumb, several occasions where i was shooting a dead soldier whilst the other just stood watching and did nothing.

• Voice acting is not great.

• A bug that forced me to restart the whole level.

• Serious frame rate drops causing the game to stutter.

• Notebook proves useless.

• Puzzles that can be solved without even understanding how you solved them.

• Character animations were outstandingly poor.

• Invisible walls- EVERY WHERE.

However, even after the problems that plagued the game i still enjoyed the experience i had.

Guns were a big highlight for me, ye Olde Thompson makes a return as does the kar 98, my favorite weapons in the WW2 genre of games.

The game did also have some great set pieces that brought back memories from various adventure films.

The game also includes an online survival mode, which is self-explanatory and a multiplayer mode which offers various game modes:

• Playground

• Lone Wolf

• Team Split

• Old School

• Safe Environment

• Deathmatch

• Team Deathmatch

• Capture The Artifact

• Treasure Hunt

• Team Treasure Hunt

• Last Man Standing

It includes some character and class customization as well, which is nice. I must have picked the game up too late as i can never find any players what so ever.

It is however really unfortunate that Deadfall Adventures fell short because it potentially could have been a much better experience. The bugs should have been fixed, that alone would have improved the experience significantly.

I do give credit to the developers for trying and almost succeeding in making a good, unique game, hope to see more from them in the future but next time round please test the game before you release it.


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