Constant c puts you in the shoes of a robot who has just awoken realizing the space station he is in has been abandoned, your then tasked with booting up the main frame by traversing gravity defying levels in order to find data pods. Each level has different objects you can manipulate within the bubble surrounding you’re body (inside the bubble time changes, outside time is still) which certainly makes the game seem tough at times.

So yes constant c is a basic puzzler/ platformer but what makes this different to so many others out there, well the art style for one is nice and unique but other that that and the story all else is what you would expect from a puzzler/ platformer, also once you’ve collected so many data pods you’ll be shown a part of the story leading up to whats happened with a really quirky animation scene.

Do not let the fact that its just another puzzler/ platformer put you off because constant c is a really fun game to play and as you traverse the levels seeking data pods the levels gradually get more complex and challenging. New characters are also met along the way,the game also includes a time trial mode for those that wish to compete amongst the leader-boards for the fastest times.

Overall constant c provides a good solid puzzler/ platforming experience with levels that will cause you to start banging your head against the wall with frustration as well as levels that you’ll breeze through, its certainly a challenging game requiring thought at every turn. with its cool sound track and quirky game play/ art style id definitely recommend any one looking for a challenge to pick this game up.

Its out on Xbox Live Arcade Now for £9.99


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