Cell Damage was released originally on Xbox and Gamecube to be ported later as Cel Damage Overdrive to the PlayStation 2. This was back in the day when multiplayer meant 4 player split screen round a mates house on one of those 32 inch CRT TVs.

The game itself is a cartoon masterpiece using a technique known as cel shading in order to make the game look exactly like a cartoon.

The game still looks great in its HD state and hasn't lost any of its charm what so ever. As soon as i fired it up i ended up remembering all the fun I had whilst playing this game as a kid. The game has had an overhaul though. In game menus and loading screens have been changed as well as a change in the U.I itself.

The game centers around its cartoon characters, each character is unique and has 2 unique unlockable cartoon clips for finishing every level. There are also 4 unlockable characters too. The cartoon clips themselves are extremely short though you won't be playing the game for that reason. If you purchase this game you will no doubt be playing it due to its zany and fun vehicular combat.

The audio is still clear and crisp and you can now hear your characters catch phrase through the Dualshock speaker.

There are a couple of downsides however. They haven't added anything more to the game so the content is the same, there is also no online multiplayer which makes you wonder. I know it's trying to be old school, but the days have gone when you got 3 mates sat next to you on the couch using the same TV.

Despite the negatives Cel Damage is still a solid game with fun combat, humorous dialogue and an array of beautiful cartoony levels. For the price of the game you get it on PS3, 4 and Vita which is neat, It looks awesome on the PS3 and Vita too.

Cel Damage does leave a lot to be desired, but for those who played it before you will surely want to play it again in HD and unlock those Trophies, Listen to those crazy character's phrases as well as throw harmless cartoon sheep strapped with T.N.T..

Lets hope they do a HD remake of Road Trip, another great game published by Playit.


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