Bound By Flame is the latest RPG video game to hit the shelves of a store near you and its also the latest RPG to come to current Gen consoles.

Bound By Flame holds a solid story, a story of a warrior that by chance of a ritual ends up with an entity of some sort in his body. You're then tasked with finding the world heart and saving the lands as well as finding what this spiritual empowerment is inside you. As you play through the story you will also come across decisions that you must make which will in fact change how the game plays out.

The game features a hack and slash style gameplay with solid RPG overtones. The RPG elements are great, although you don't have much character customisation options, you can craft useful items, weapon and armor upgrades changing your visual appearance.

The story is also great, from beginning to end not once was I disappointed. I genuinely did not want this to end. The story just drags you in and holds you there, I always wanted to find out more about myself and whom i had as my companion at the time as well as the world in general. What had happened?

The gameplay itself, although extremely difficult on average even on easy I encountered my fair share of death, was solid on every level too.

I absolutely loved this game, but the game certainly isn't without problems like the bad character mouth animation, the weirdly awkward enemy character animation and the companion command wheel which seemed to be broken.

None of this however was a problem for me, once you look past it the game really shines. The visuals are really quite spectacular, environments look vivid and sharp, character models alike. The visuals overall were pretty stunning. Voice acting was pretty good too for the type of game. Each character's voice fitted their unique personality perfectly enabling me to connect with each one.

I must also mention the companions themselves were all unique in their own awesome way and I was actually rather annoyed that you can only have one of them with you at a time as they all captured my attention with each of their unique personalities and arrays of knowledge.

Hacking your way through various enemies has never been so fun as with the great graphics the developers have also made sure that the game controls are precise and well laid out ensuring you can mash those buttons with ease.

I found Bound By Flame to be a really fun game, the dialog at first may seem strange with its witty humor mixed with a lot of explicit language but once you get into the first hour you'll understand that the game only takes itself seriously when it needs to. All that's in between consists of witty humor and well thought out sexual innuendos that will certainly make you smile, especially if you have a mind like mine!

Bound By Flame may not be at the top of your gaming, shopping list, but it should be, it features a unique and compelling experience that can truly be enjoyed if you look past its flaws. I think the game is great and well worth purchasing. If you are stupid enough not to buy it you will be missing out on a great adventure and a great experience. It truly is the best game ive played recently!


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