Blue Estate is the latest on-rails shooter that came out of nowhere to release on the PlayStation 4. The game features you Tony Luciano, a crime lord that seems to have caused a gang war by fighting over his prized hooker cherry.

The game's plot consists of an air of minty fresh breath as although it isn't perfect it certainly is fun and fresh. The games main stand out selling point is the fact that it utilizes the Dualshock 4s motion controls to create one of the best arcade experiences I have seen.

They really do work fantastically and as you play through the almost episodic game you will learn to love this under used feature. Blue Estate is visually fantastic, the game certainly doesn't take itself too seriously.

This comes across not only in the narrative but also in how the game looks. The visuals are crisp but have a sense of cheekiness to them as do the characters portrayed in Blue Estate. You will encounter many laugh out loud moments as you participate in this completely outrageous gang war.

Blue Estate features a nicely implemented co-op mode so that a friend round for tea can also help you out. The game gun play is pure quality. Weapons from the AK47 to the Desert Eagle make an appearance. Each with their own amount of pack a punch style projectiles.

Shooting is fun with the motion controls as they are precise, when the cursor seems odd because you change the way of holding the controller whilst playing the game, a tap of a button will center it again to ensure that the motion controls stay fluid. Along with the Dualshock 4s motion controls Blue Estate also uses the touch pad for various elements of the game.

You could be swiping it to open a door, slap an enemy in the face and more. These moments are initiated at precisely the right time during gameplay to break up the shooting segments nicely.

The game, like any true arcade game even features bonus objects to shoot in order to gain additional points. Co-op runs brilliantly, sadly its not online, but playing with a friend is a must as it adds not only help as mentioned above but also competition. You must hit as many enemies as possible to rack up points, so it gets competitive quite quickly.

Making sure your weapon of choice has sufficient ammo is difficult though, and you will often be returned to the trusty Desert Eagle to take out the various mindless thugs. Each episode takes around 30 minutes to complete and there are 7 in total, each with uniquely different characters.

Blue Estate is a superb example of how a game can use motion controls effectively whilst also maintaining that quality you expect from a AAA title. Agreed the game is slightly short but from start to finish the experience on offer is wonderful.

The price in my opinion is well worth paying as you are not only getting a wonderful game that oozes pure personality, but you are getting a true arcade experience that you usually can only find at the seaside!


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