BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA features your typical anime art style with vibrant coloration and sharp design and mixes it with the Mortal Combat style of gameplay. The game has many parts to play from your typical story mode to the arcade mode which also features each characters story. BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA There is also an online mode a replay theatre and various other modes for you to try out.

BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA features some of the best anime visuals I have seen with each and every character's fluid movement comes attacks that simply look gorgeous when executed. The game's story mode is somewhat strange however, as it features literally the compelling tale with the odd combat sequence here and there and that is all. It certainly should be played through as it gives a real insight to the story and presents a solid narrative that is also voiced which certainly adds to the game content.

The mode which I am sure you will want to smash through however is the Arcade mode as it is there where you can choose a character and play through stages of fights while also finding out that particular character's story. This mode features fun and thrilling combat, which feels unique with each character you play as, the art style makes for a visually pleasing battle sequence unlike any other.

Beyond that if you wish to polish your kick ass moves you can play through a teach me more part of the game where you will learn various button combos, power moves and tricks to K.O your opponent.

The game plays great and BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA is certainly one to pick up as its a game simply crammed with content to keep you going for hours on end, it is also a really fun experience and pleasing to the eye. The U.I is simple, the characters are all great fun to use and the story is so in depth that it will even appeal to those who love visual novels. Add all that to an awesome soundtrack and a replay theatre where you can watch your favorite moments, what more do you need!


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