A return to rapture on consoles brings you an iconic moment in gaming history as you hit the freezing waters of the Atlantic ocean with nothing but a burning plane wreckage and a somewhat gloomy tower in the near distance.

Upon entering the tower you will be presented with the phrase “No Gods Or Kings Only Man” and the faint violin instrumental of Beyond The Sea. Bioshock puts you in awe, as well as suspending you in a world that feels truly alive, full of character and extremely creepy and unnerving at times especially on your first play-through.

As well as being tasked with keeping yourself alive by using various weapons, tonics which are more of a stat upgrade, and plasmids which are gene modifying upgrades that allow you to have thunder at your fingertips, you’re also tasked with an array of missions given to you by the games most intriguing characters.

You will be met with an assortment of personalities, an array of enemies and the task of escaping this underwater utopia. You will also soon become accustomed to looking out for hidden items which vary from gene tonics to one of my personal favorites the audio logs. There,s also more scattered around rapture from vending machines to weapon upgrade stations that all help during the story.

Did i forget to mention his game truly looks superb with slightly better textures(here and there) on the PlayStation 3 which are only really noticeable by a side by side comparison. The water effects are also stunning, shimmering as it flows through decaying parts of rapture. The game isn’t perfect in the graphics department however with some serious texture pop in and screen tearing during busy scenes of destruction as well as a few minor bugs, although not detracting from the overall experience are noticeable.

Although there is no multplayer aspect or new game plus mode (unless you purchase the dlc) the story is superb and continues to deliver quality narrative through each and every level but at the same time delivering it in such a way that you will want to know what happens next.”would you kindly” becomes a regular phrase heard as you develop an almost instant connection with the characters.

Onto the controls the game handles extremely well, precise movements with almost non existent button latency make for a seamless journey and immersive experience unlike many others.

Audio as you would expect is also superb from sound effects, audio cues, and sublime voice acting to featuring a catalog of period tracks which are wonderful and add to the immersion.

Add that to an 8 hour campaign on normal difficulty and you end up with an outstanding game.


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