Battle Princess of Arcadias looks like a typical JRPG from the outset, but it ends up being so much more!

The game features Princess Plume a wild redhead princess with attitude and great combat skills, her Kingdom has been taken over by vicious monsters and she must fight to take it back.

This story sets the tone, you are then pushed into perilous battles throughout the kingdoms many areas. The first noticeable pleasure is the art style. It is basic yet unique and beautiful at the same time! There are an array of fantastic looking enemies as well as great looking characters that you will see and meet across the game.

The king is also a goose!

Once you are in battle the game plays like a hack and slash, the enemies come thick and fast and you must slash your way through them with ferocious might. These enemies get progressively difficult, but luckily the game has an abundance of RPG elements integrated. You can upgrade weapons, level up characters, buy new weapons and more. Set missions even allow you to take control of armies in the background and run them against enemy armies, these segments are more challenging as you must choose the best platoons to fight and out weigh the opponents army.

The Kingdom map is large and there are many missions available to complete, however, more unlock as you progress further into the game. Each area has its own unique look and feel which is a nice touch. As mentioned above, there is a town and it is here you can purchase these new weapons, weapon upgrades, potions and upgrades for your character's skills, you can even head to the barracks and upgrade the level of your armies.

There is so much to see and do in this fantastic JRPG.

The game's story is narrated throughout with the Japanese language so naturally the text that you read is English, it is unfortunate that English Dub wasn't included as it may put people off, but I think that the Japanese narration is fantastic and makes the game feel more JRPG.

So overall Battle Princess of Arcadias is a fantastic JRPG experience that blends the most unlikely elements together to create an enjoyable, fun and frantic experience, a wondrous, well narrated story with a variety of beautifully created sprites. It excels in its effort to be unique and fulfilling and should certainly be on your must buy list. It is by far my favorite JRPG of all time and until another game comes along to 1UP it, it will stay that way!


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