Awesomenauts Assemble is a great M.O.B.A. The game has one simple objective, destroy the opposing team turrets and then take down there base core before they get to yours. This plays out really well as lobbies are always full and the matchmaking involved in order to get you into a game happens quicker than a lightning bolt.

The visuals are crisp and vivid the game feels like it’s had time and effort spent on it before it has been released. There’s also a character roster that’s limited at first, but as you progress through the ranking system you will unlock more.

Each character is unique and fun to play with, so no matter which one you choose you will always have good old fashioned fun. If you head over to the PlayStation store in game there is also a bunch of other characters that are purchasable however, I do feel the prices for them though are steep.

An in game shop is included where you can use the game currency (space coins) in order to purchase character stat upgrades, they work really well but to ensure a fair game your character will start with default stats at the beginning of every match.

The game doesn’t seem to have taken full advantage of the PlayStation controller functionality as the touch pad and speaker haven’t been utilized at all.

Besides that Gameplay is solid as are the visuals, the audio also fits really well.

This game is good if you like Multiplayer online battle arenas, but as no single player functionality is available it surely will deter those without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Overall a great game clearly made with love that seems to me to be well worth the price tag.


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