So we end up with a brand new (recycled) air simulation game hitting the PS4 in the form of Air Conflicts Vietnam: Ultimate Edition. This game has already been released years earlier on previous platforms with barely any success. So the reboot certainly seemed intriguing, especially as the developers had promised a completely revamped game supposedly fixing the faults of the original.

Well, while the game being revamped is surely noticeable, the changes aren't the ones needed to improve the game. Single player has been changed around somewhat, offering a fleshier campaign. The terrible voice acting still remains, and detracts from the experience greatly. The most obvious change simply relates to the visuals, The planes you are capable of using look magnificent and all handle realistically in an arcade fashion.

The sky also looks fantastic and as the sun shafts create shadows on your aircraft of choice, you will be in awe, that is until you see what's below. Sadly, during some missions the ground below is 2D in its worst form as it is imaged almost from an aerial view of google maps. I thought we had got past the use of this technique after the generation of the Original Xbox however in this instance it's not the case. This completely spoilt the experience for me during those specific moments I encountered it as everything else looked really impressive Some levels offered complete 3D lands with huge amounts of nicely added foliage. These levels I enjoyed the most.

The cockpit view also looks fantastic and is unique to the aircraft!

Air Conflicts Vietnam: Ultimate Edition has some neat little features from choosing the weapons for the aircraft of choice which consists of helicopters and/ or planes to choosing the weather effects and the type of ammunition you wish to use. The game also makes use of the Dualshock 4s integrated speaker which is nice. The game includes the DLC from the original game as well as some extra aircraft which again is pretty cool. I especially enjoyed using the WW2 aircraft.

Other improvements have also been made from the sound effects to the ease of controls to the size of the designated flying areas and these all certainly improve the game.

Multiplayer is also integrated via LAN and PSN though sadly I could never find anyone playing the game online which was quite an annoyance as I would have loved to try that feature out.

So with Conflicts Vietnam: Ultimate Edition you are getting an improved game which has been overhauled for the next generation which is a PS4 Exclusive, the game is still flawed and features a somewhat lackluster experience. That mainly comes down to the terrible voice acting that is showcased throughout the entire campaign. If you are looking for a flying game set in the Vietnamese war that is easy to pick up and play or you are just wishing to see the improvements made, then by all means pick this up. You will certainly get enjoyment out of the visual improvements as well as the extras on offer. Just don't expect a better campaign experience.


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