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im a bit of a nerd i like a bit of everything and i get close to people from a distance and it makes me feel like I've known them forever if
Pheu Aisuru

Weve seen his movies and how strong and caring he is he has the heart of gold and a beautiful soul if i wanted to meet just one star it would be him. He may be as tough as turetto a daring secret agent and a great baby sitter but when matters of the heart are concerned hes a great big teddy bear i can only imagine getting to know someone as long as he knew his brother paul walker only to lose him in a tragedy but the show must go on he has so much strength to be able to carry on and keep making these movies without his brother is a monumental task . Vin diesel if you ever read this we all love you like a brother as well you have all of our support and we are honored to be able to just watch your movies and get to know the real you through the characters you play i noticed that when you're acting its not just acting you literally put your heart and soul into the characters and make us believe that you are that person and you take each character with you in everything you do . I want to see more each time and its never enough but at the same time its more than enough it gets our imaginations working and makes us think of possibilities that weren't possible without you . I want you to know that if you ever need anything i will be here for you just remember Paul is still with you and still loves you . God bless you


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