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Was How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days the quintessential romantic comedy of the 2000s? I think it may have been. I've seen this movie countless times and it gets the job done almost every time. This was heartthrob Matthew McConaughey, pre-Oscar and pre-Lincoln commercials.

All of the women in this film were also gorgeous which never hurts when it comes to a classic rom-com. It's hard to believe this came out way back in 2003. That's twelve years ago!

Check out how the cast looked then and now...

Matthew McConaughey as Ben Barry

This dude has always had potential, but nobody saw Dallas Buyers Club coming back in '03, when he was Ben Barry in this role.

Kate Hudson as Andie Anderson

Like Matthew, Kate is another rom-com cutie who then turned out to be an A-Lister and one of the darlings of Hollywood.

Kathryn Hahn as Michelle Rueben

Another star... this time of the more comedic variety. She's had quite the career since then, starring in a ton of big TV shows and movies.

Annie Parisse as Jeannie

Another woman from this movie who still looks amazing? Yeah, that sounds about right...

Adam Goldberg as Tony

This movie wasn't JUST handsome-ass Matthew McConaughey being charming and hot girls being hot... this dude was in it too.

Michael Michele as Judy Spears

Michael Michele has a) an amazing name and b) an amazing face. Still!

Shalom Harlow as Judy Green

Another Judy, another hottie. What else is new, another person from this cast who aged magnificently!


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