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Is black panther coming?

The Scene: More so than Spider-Man , the most logical character to be teased ahead of his first proper MCU appearance would be Black Panther.

The iconic superhero will be making his debut in Civil War, and if Marvel want to ease him into the fabric of the universe, either a news broadcast on trouble in Wakanda or a scene set in the African nation itself would be an easy way to do this.

The Winter Soldier’s post-credits scene (which introduced Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) proved that almost completely tangential scenes mostly unrelated to the movie at hand can totally work, so why not throw Panther out there? It’d make things a little easier for Civil War for sure.

How Likely Is It?: 5/10. It’s a definite possibility, though Marvel might feel that they already have their bases covered on this one with Civil War, so don’t be surprised if he gives Ant-Man a miss.

What About Spider man?

The Scene: With Spider-Man being confirmed to join the MCU with his own standalone 2017 movie and the recent casting announcement that Asa Butterfield will most likely be Peter Parker, why not introduce him to audiences as soon as possible? It’s what everyone wants to see.

Whether it’s something as simple as Parker going on a tour of Lang and Pym’s lab (with or without the iconic spider bite moment), or a scene of Jameson (hopefully played again by J.K. Simmons) ragging on the “menace” that is Spider-Man, it’d be great to have the seeds sewn for one of Marvel’s most crucial and highly anticipated additions to date.

If Marvel want to ensure butts are in seats for their riskiest movie yet, the introduction of Spider-Man is a great idea, especially once word of mouth about the scene begins to spread in the days ahead of its release.

How Likely Is It?: 4/10. Not very. The main problem here is logistics: Ant-Man is only about two months away from release, and with Butterfield only recently being cast (even if the information was held back internally for a while), it doesn’t leave a lot of time to shoot an additional scene.

Still, remember when The Avengers added the classic shawarma scene at the last minute? There’s still time if Marvel really want to get the ball rolling, though they’ll probably save the web-slinger’s MCU debut for the Civil War post-credits scene.


Is There a Possibility That Spider Man Or Black Panther Appear in Ant man?


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