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As the saying goes, "One mans Freedom Fighter is another mans Terrorist." and since I was tagged by the always entertaining Mildenberg for the Hero or Villain challenge I will explain myself and let you be the judge.

First and foremost I will breakdown some of my key abilities as I don't like giving my enemies any advantages I will only showcase my most obvious ones. Let get this started with a brief explanation of just who or what I am as it may be. I am a Chef by trade and a practicing vegan which makes me some what of a pariah in my field, but also gives me a greater desire to defend what I believe is right. Okay down to business.

Superhuman Patience and Understanding

The hardest part of being vegan isn't finding something or somewhere to eat, its dealing with people who are jerks or who are just uneducated as to what a vegan is. I get asked at least once a week if as a vegan do I eat chicken, eggs, milk, or fish. Normally as a person who has spent most of my adult life in leadership/mentoring positions I welcome the chance to chat it up with people. But when you ask me about being vegan and when I explain it to you and your response is "Bacon", it's really hard for me not to bury my carving knife in your head.

Skin as Thick as a Rhinos

Courtesy of the Vegan Sidekick.
Courtesy of the Vegan Sidekick.

Seriously why is it so hard for people to understand that I don't consume meat or other animal products, I don't think I am better then anyone else. I will say that since I went vegan I haven't caught so much as a cold in nearly 2 years, I went from 310 lbs down to 211 lbs in about 7 months. I have more energy, and as a chef it has benefited me because I have a better understanding of flavors and how to treat food without having to put bacon in everything which if you look at most restaurants that's all they do and you give them money hand over fist. Instead of a civilized conversation about the health and environmental benefits a vegan diet can provide I get bad bacon jokes, and told all I eat is lettuce. Which brings me to my final ability...

Can Cook Beautiful and Delicious Food without any Animal Products

Yes that is Sushi, No there isn't any fish in or on it. I will admit that for about the first week all I ate was plain rice and salad because I was trying to find my niche in the vegan world. Now I make soups, stews, chili, lasagna (yes lasagna with no cheese), stir fry's, pastas and the list goes on and on and on... the point being you can be health and enjoy delicious food without killing and consuming animals.

My arch-nemesis is none other then Big Business

As I make my way through this world and try to spread a word of peace and equality for all living creatures I have one really REALLY big obstacle, Big Business not only owns all the ranches, slaughter houses and farms that pump genetically modified foods to all grocery stores and restaurants, but they own all the support businesses as well. You want to make a point of living healthy so you stop smoking, but you still have cravings and you start eating junk food or just snacking more often. So to counter that you have a drink but when you have a drink you grab a smoke to do it socially with your friends, you have it under control right? WRONG!!! The same company that makes Marlboro Cigarettes "which is the number one selling brand in North America," also owns Kraft Foods which is the number brand of random junk in your pantry (mac n cheese, hamburger helper, fruit snacks etc...) oh and did I mention they also produce wine and have their hand in beer and other spirits. They don't mind people like me who take a stand for the environment and for their health because as soon as you stop buying one drug they take the advertising dollars from it and pump it into something else. They recoup the lose of money for tobacco and give it to junk food, they replace lung cancer and teens smoking with childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes. It is up to us to take a stand and make the difference for our future, because if we don't Big Business will continue to destroy us one happy meal at a time. Am I a hero or a villain I don't know, what I do know is I have taken a stand where will you be when the war comes to your front door.

Now that I have officially entered the fray I challenge:

Brad Dee

W.I.P. Gamers

Iqra B.

Hero or Villain who will you choose? Where will you stand?


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