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Warning: This article contains spoilers!

As we may all know, Captain America: Civil War is another addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is due to be released in 2016. It's featuring (the vast majority of) the key members of the Avengers who take separate sides in a fight for Superhuman privacy rights, and from all the new additions as well as old, it's essentially The Avengers 2.5.

Fans have been excited to see news from the upcoming film, such as leaked film footage showing Cap's new star-spangled uniform, Crossbones on the set and even some videos of fights. Most importantly for me though, the MCU has been showing Tony advance his technology towards a new Iron Man Suit (Most notably the Mark 42 armor in Iron Man 3), the Bleeding Edge Armor.

Civil War, May 6th 2016
Civil War, May 6th 2016

As it is described in the comics, the armor essentially made Tony Stark the most powerful hero there is. Apparently it has the capability to easily beat the Hulk or the Sentry in a fight and is a tough match for even Thor. Most importantly though, the Suit is (entirely) made of nanomachines, meaning that the Suit is kept inside his body and can alter itself to create different mechanisms for the suit, clothes or even other beings. Every repulsor on the suit acts as an "Eyeball", giving Stark vision of everything around him, and due to the RT node in his chest, allows him superhuman intelligence and learning capabilities.

Looking back at the MCU Films, there's evidently a certain border between sci-fi and a simple lack of realism. This means that everything's explained as best as possible. For example, the Iron Man Suits are based off near future technology, such as using clean energy for weapons, exoskeletons (Which are already being worked on) and many battle gadgets. From what the Bleeding Edge armor is expected to be, this is far from normal due to it being extreme future technology, meaning we certainly won't be seeing this any time soon.

The Mark 45 suit as shown in Age of Ultron
The Mark 45 suit as shown in Age of Ultron

The buildup to this technology is certainly present in Iron Man 3 and the Avengers, both of which introduced and extended the technology for Tony to call the suit in separate parts to his body. The Mark 42 suit first introduced this but in the film it was a prototype, causing it to be faulty in battle. After the Clean Slate Protocol took place, the 43-45 suits were created. These aimed to essentially optimize the performance of the original concept, with even the Hulkbuster having parts which were deployed and replaced mid-battle.

The main problem with the Bleeding Edge Suit is, doesn't it seem a little unrealistic and definitely far too overpowered for all of Steve's side of the war to even scratch the suit? (Even that sounds tricky seeing as the suit self-heals infinitely) When I saw Iron Man 3, I thought that the Mark 42 suit was the MCU's equivalent of the Bleeding Edge armor, but now that idea's out the window I'm starting to have a few questions.

I'm sure the Russo Brothers can find a way of making the fight fair, but from what we know so far, it seems the Suit has more than the capability of mimicking every purpose of any suit in the Hall of Armor if given a few minutes, it could annihilate Steve without any fuss, and because of the RT Node Tony could design even better versions of the suit/node whilst preparing for Thanos to attack. We know Tony's going to have the upper hand and that the Suit could be sabotaged/disabled, but this level of power could squash Steve before he can even get his shield.

The Bleeding Edge concept art
The Bleeding Edge concept art

So how will we see the armor get altered for the film? I certainly like the suit in the comics, but in the film I think a few things need a change. Here are my predictions based on what I've seen so far in the MCU

  • Smaller parts for the Armour, but I personally doubt that there will be nanobots in his skin
  • Artificial muscles could certainly happen, seeing as the design for the suit looks much sleeker and doesn't have any motor joints
  • An alternate way of "creating" different parts for the suit, perhaps certain parts of the suit reassemble to work differently at times
  • Vibranium could be used in the suit, seeing as the Mark 45 had Vibranium parts
  • Camera view and RT node could happen, but it will take a lot of thinking for it to work (Pun not intended)

So what do you all think?


Will the Bleeding Edge suit be nerfed for Civil War?


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