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Rumors can be a funny thing sometimes. While it is usually speculation, you cannot help but wonder if there some truth in rumors; particularly when they deal with the Marvel Cinematic Universe . A new rumor on Marvel Studios' Spider-Man caught my attention last night. There are many factors to this reboot that need to be answered; such as who will be playing Spider-Man and will be the film's director? However, the latest rumors has nothing to do with either question as this report has to do with Spider-Man's arch nemesis: The Green Goblin.

Since Spider-Man's debut on the silver screen, the Green Goblin has emerged in some form or way; whether it was Willem Dafoe's interpretation in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, or Dane Dehaan's take on the Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. So it only make sense for the Green Goblin to join Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However according to this new rumor, not only will Norman Osborne be in the upcoming film but the man speculated to play the villain is Matthew McConaughey.

I am sure you are looking at this article with a raised eyebrow but according to the rumor McConaughey has been targeted to play the Spider-Man villain. This rumor has no doubt branched from a report where the Interstellar actor stated that he has been in talks with both Marvel and DC. If Mconaughey has been in negotiations with both studios then I feel his involvement could be with either company. Yet for the time being, lets just say that McConaughey is in talks to be in the new Spider-Man movie. If that is the case then the question is this: could Matthew McConaughey play Norman Osborne?

I will be the first to say that McConaughey is not my first choice to play this villain; or my second or even my third. Not to mention that If Matthew McConaughey was cast to play the Green Goblin a few years ago, I would be banging my head into the wall trying to understand the studio's reasoning. However,it is very clear that McConaughey has progressed as an actor. His work on Dallas Buyers Club and Interstellar have been proof of this point. Granted McConaughey is not known for playing the bad guy; however Marvel have proven time and again that different casting choices for antagonists have led to memorable performances (I am looking at you Vicent D'onofrio). However playing the Green Goblin is easier said then done as you are portraying two characters. Though I have no example of McConaughey playing a character like Norman Osborne, I think he could pull the role off. In fact, if he were to make subtle decision in his performance as Norman and the Goblin, then McConaughey's take on the character could lead to a refreshing interpretation of the rogue.

If Norman Osborne is to play a part in the new Spider-Man film, I am hoping that his transformation into the Green Goblin will be different then past interpretation (particularly 2002's Spider-Man). In the case of the 2017 film, I would like Osborne to be the bad guy; but not be the film's supervillain. I would like Marvel's Spider-Man to show Osborne as a cold businessman who uses his resources to create super-powered beings. His work could result in a new enemy for Spider-Man, and eventually lead to Norman's transformation into the iconic villain. Not only do I think this direction for Goblin would be beneficial for the movie, but I think this type of character would fit for an actor McConaughey (or whomever is playing Norman Osborne)

Keep in mind that all of this speculation. There is no confirmation that Matthew McConaughey is playing this Marvel villain, or that the character will even be in the upcoming film at all. However if this rumor ends up being true, then Mattew McConaughey as Norman Osborne would be a different choice for the Spider-Man villain; but I think that could be beneficial. It all depends on what direction Marvel has in mind for Green Goblin; but whatever the studio has in mind for the character, hopefully this interpretation will be a fitting antagonist to add to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's rogues gallery.

Marvel's Spider-Man is scheduled to hit theaters on July 28, 2017.


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