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Hey my fellow friends I said next time I would make my own part of Big Hero 6

Hey, are you here Hiro! Said GoGo

Ya I am here

Hiro is working on more upgrades for Batmax

Hiro do you want to go to the movies? asked GoGo

When do you want to go and what movie?!

"Well I was thinking Tomorrow Land," GoGo

Ok....... That sounds cool, said Hiro

(Fred, Wasabie, and Honey Lemon came in Hiro's room)

Fred, Wasabie, and Honey Lemon said Hi to Hiro and GoGo

Hey maybe we can all go and see the movie, said GoGo

"That is a great idea GoGo!!!" said Hiro

What movie are we going to see?! asked Honey Lemon

We are going to see Tomorrow Land said Hiro

( so later all 5 of then went to the movie theaters. They got some popcorn,soda, and some candy. They went in to some seats)

(This is how they sat, Fred, Wasabie, Hiro, GoGo, (A.T of course) and Honey Lemon)

(2hours past )

That was a good movie, said Honey Lemon

My favorite part was that they could do what ever you wanted said, Fred

sorry guys I have to cut is sort.


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